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30 May

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Congratulations to 5 of our very own Athens Bulldog Swim Club athletes, who will be representing us on the Georgia Zone Team this summer!

Charlie Logan and Jackson Harvin will be taking their talents to the 2017 edition of the Southern Zone Championships this year as representatives of team Georgia! Competing in the 15-18 age group, these two will have the opportunity to provide leadership on the team, which also includes 11-12 and 13-14 age groups.

While these two gentlemen will be ruling the pool in Tupelo Mississippi, three other ABSC swimmers will compete for a Georgia Zone Team of the less-chlorinated variety. Simon Casey (11-12 boy), and Emma and Jenna Champer (11-12 girls) will show off their distance swimming skills on the 2017 Open Water Zone Team for Team Georgia! Unable to be kept within the confines of a pool, the’ll brave the lakes of North Carolina as they compete to take down other LSCs.

If you’re unfamiliar with the Zone Team concept, here’s a little background for you. The Georgia Zone Team is a basically an all-star team, where a very small number of swimmers are selected out of the whole state of Georgia to compete against swimmers across the South, or what we call, the “Southern Zone.”

As you know, ABSC is a member of USA Swimming. Under the umbrella of USA swimming, the country is divided up into various “Zones.” Teams in Georgia like ABSC are members of the Southern Zone. Breaking it down further, within each zone there are LSCs. LSC stands for Local Swim Committee, and they are the most local governing bodies that preside over swim clubs like ABSC.

ABSC is a member club of the Georgia Swimming LSC. Other LSC’s in our Zone include Florida, Florida Gold Coast, South Carolina, North Carolina, Southeastern (comprised of teams from Tennessee, Alabama, and the Florida Panhandle), Kentucky, West Virginia, Mississippi, Louisiana, Gulf, North Texas, South Texas, West Texas, and Border. A map of the LSC’s in can be found here: LSC Map

So the Georgia Zone Team and Georgia Open Water Zone Team are collections of some of the fastest swimmers in our LSC, like an all-star team. Needless to say, the fact that ABSC has 5 swimmers competing at zones this summer is huge honor! The Southern Zone Open Water meet will be held in North Carolina this upcoming weekend, June 2nd – 4th. The pool version of the meet will be held in Tupelo this August.

Congratulations to Charlie, Jackson, Emma, Jenna, and Simon. Here’s to a summer of fast swimming. We know you’ll do your part to bring home a Zones championship to Georgia, and represent your fellow Bulldogs well.



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