Summer Swim Options for YOU: Long Course and Summer League.

19 Mar

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Trying to figure out Summer swim plans? Deciding whether to do long course, summer league, both, or take a break altogether? Consider this your one stop shop!

NOTE** Long Course happens when the pool is switched to the longer 50-meter format, i.e. the Olympic format. All USA Swimming Club teams like ABSC swim “long course” in the summers.

As you know Divisionals is our final short course meet of the 2017/2018 season! With that in mind, it’s not too early to start setting our sights toward summer! Here are some quick facts about the seasons starting and ending, and then a breakdown on some choices for you!

When exactly does the swim season start and stop?

The swim season runs from Mid-September – July. August and the first part of September of are the “off-season” where no practices are held for any group. The season is broken up into three terms: Fall, Winter, and Spring/Summer.

  • Fall Term: Mid-September – Winter break in December. Roughly 15 weeks.
  • Winter Term: Early January – Early April (April 6th this year). Roughly 15 weeks.
  • Spring/Summer Term: Early April – End of July. Roughly 16 weeks. You can also elect to swim the “Spring” portion of the Spring/Summer term only. The 6-week Spring term will go from April 9th – May 18th this year.

Spring/Summer 2018 Key Dates:

  • March 23rd-25th: Divisionals, last short course meet:
  • April 6th: Winter Term Ends (2 weeks after Divisionals)
  • April 9th: Spring/Summer Term Begins. (See explanation below).
  • April 28th-29th: First long course meet (All groups allowed to attend). See long course meet schedule here, and scroll down past the short course season.
  • May 18th: 6-week “Spring” Portion of Spring/Summer Term ends
  • May 21st: “Summer” portion of Spring/Summer Term Begins
  • July 26th: Final Long Course Practice – Month and a half off of swimming.
  • Mid-September 2018: ’18/’19 short course season begins!

With the above dates in mind, here are some options:

1. Swim Long Course with ABSC:

  • As usual, the Senior 1, Dawgs, and Superpups groups will continue to practice through the summer, for the full Spring/Summer term. Superpups can elect to swim the 6-week Spring term only, if they’d like.
  • We are also working to potentially offer Senior 2 and Pups this summer! We likely will not know for sure until after Divisionals. At the very least, Pups and Senior 2 can participate in the “Spring” portion of the Spring/Summer Term. Pricing for the 6-weeks is available online, and if we can offer the full summer, then pricing will be the same as the Winter and Fall terms.
  • Gups can swim the 6-week Spring portion of the Spring/Summer term, but cannot swim during the summer term. They are encouraged to swim summer league!

2. Swim for your summer league team:

  • From Commerce to Jefferson to the Oconee teams to the Clarke County teams, ABSC has friends just about everywhere! If you want more info on a club, let us know where you live and we’ll help you get all plugged in! Most summer league teams swim from Mid-late May through Mid-July, but the Oconee teams stop at the end of June (unless you swim for the all-star team).

3. Swim long course AND for your summer league team:

  • Most summer league programs start practice in Mid-late May, so it IS possible to swim the 6-week Spring term, and then start with your swimmer league team.
  • If you choose to swim the full Summer with ABSC and still want to do summer league, most summer league teams are flexible with attendance, and will work out arrangements where ABSC swimmers come to as little as 1 practice per week, and swim meets with them, and practice the rest of the week with ABSC. Many of our swimmers do this, and it’s a great option to stay loyal to your summer team, and also train hard all summer with us! This is common not just in our area, but around the state and around the country!

4. Take a break altogether:

  • This is also not a bad option, as playing other sports or taking time to rest, go to camps, or travel, can all be good things for our swimmers! Just make sure you join back with us in the fall if this is what you choose to do! 🙂

Thanks and hope this is helpful! A definitive schedule for long course is on the way!

Goooo Dawgs!


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