UPDATED!! New Feature of Red&Black Meet -- First Meet Weekend Approaching

18 Sep

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Monday – Sept. 18th,


1: The preliminary rosters for the Red Team and Black team can be found here: Red&Black Teams

Update 2:The coaching breakdown goes as follows:

  • Red Team Coaches: Makenna, Hannah, Kat, Emma, Mike, Finley, Harvey
  • Black Team Coaches: Elizabeth, Dylan, Katie, Mary Kathryn, Alexandra, Jonathan, Martin

Update 3: Here are the Big Dawg Mentorship pairings: R&B Bid Dawg Mentorship Pairings. Couple quick notes about the mentoring:

  • We decided to utilize all 13&older swimmers as mentors based on need.
  • On the girls side, some Older girls have 2 Little Dawgs to mentor.
  • On the boys side, some Little Dawgs have two Big Dawgs to help!
  • All 10&Under swimmers received a mentor
  • This mentoring responsibility is to last for the Red&Black meet only, but obviously it would be great if the relationship carried on throughout the season!


With the season now underway, the swimmers back in the water, and the coaches laying the groundwork for the season ahead, it’s finally time to start looking at our first meets of the 2017/2018 season!

This year’s edition of the annual Red&Black Meet surely won’t disappoint.

As usual, we will divide the team — both the swimmers and the coaching staff — into two teams for this dawg v. dawg battle. There will be a Red Team and a Black Team like always. The roster of coaches and swimmers for each squad will be provided next week.

In 2015, the Red Team broke a 7-year (!!!) losing streak to the black team, making some ABSC history. Not to be outdone for too long, the black team reclaimed their throne in 2016. The story promotes itself really, but if that intrigue isn’t enough for you, there’s going to be a new element to the Red&Black that we’ve never had before!

This year, ABSC is unveiling it’s new “Big Dawg” mentoring component of the meet! What this means is that all high school-aged swimmers will be paired with a 10&under teammate for the meet, and given the job of helping show their little Dawg the ropes. They will help the younger athletes understand where to go for their events and keep an eye on them in between races. They’ll mentor and befriend that athlete and show them what it looks like to be a part of our team.

Assignments will be posted when rosters are posted.

As another feature, and 11-14 year old swimmers that are new to the team may be assigned a peer partner to help them familiarize themselves with ABSC meets as well. This is all dependent on numbers and availability.

So make sure you come on out to the Red&Black meet on Friday evening, September 29th! This is one of three meets that we ask all swimmers to attend, along with the Classic City Quad meet in December and the Northeast Divisional Championship meet in March.

To see the meet information for the Red&Black meet, as well as the ABSC versus Marlins dual meet which takes place 2-days later on Sunday, October 1st, click here: https://athensbulldogs.com/meets/info-results/

Emails will be going out later today to sign up for both meets!



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