Our Mission

A Sport for Life


Whether you’re just starting out…

The Athens Bulldog Swim Club is a non-profit USA registered swimming organization based at the University of Georgia’s Gabrielsen Natatorium.  We offer programs ranging from learn to swim classes to training groups focused on competition at the highest level, and are committed to maintaining a positive, healthy, and safe environment for our athletes at all times. We have served the swimming needs of the greater Athens area for over 40 years and our philosophy remains the same–at ABSC, swimming is a sport for life.

What this means is that we approach swimming from the long range perspective.  We know what it’s like to have swimmers at the top, and we understand that short term gain is not a recipe for success. This is why with our age group program, technique and training go hand in hand. We place a strong emphasis on learning proper strokes, but we also work on building endurance through interval training. We believe that this balanced approach is essential to develop the swimmer’s fullest potential.

That said, we also understand that swimming is not an end in of itself.  Learning sportsmanship and developing good character are two of the most important things a child can gain from participating in athletics.  ABSC Age-Groupers are also encouraged to value a strong work ethic, be committed to self improvement, and display respect for others. One will find that at ABSC winning or losing take a backseat to preparation and doing one’s best, values which will help children succeed not just in swimming, but in life.


…or have been swimming for a while,
ABSC has a group for you.

Though our approach with Masters is different because of age, our philosophy remains the same. There is no substitute to the sense of accomplishment and well being that comes from the successful completion of a goal, and whether that ranges from aquatic safety, to general fitness, to improving skills for a race.

But that’s not all.  We believe that in of itself, swimming is fun.  If a person is comfortable and confident in the water, there is a sense of wonder in the fluidity and weightlessness;  there’s a rush of excitement in swimming for speed; there’s a sense of accomplishment at finishing a workout; and of course, there’s the joy of relationships that, through the sport, can last a lifetime.

So whether you’re interested in learning the competitive strokes or swimming at the highest levels, we invite you to get in touch and come try out a practice to see what the Athens Bulldog Swim Club is all about.  We look forward to seeing you soon down at the pool!


A big part of swimming with ABSC is creating memories, and pictures play a part in reminding us where we've been. Our Shutterfly site has everything from the most recent meet to to a "Splash from the Past." To start browsing these images, click the link above.

ABSC has been a part of the Athens community for over 30 years. We believe that healthy lifestyles lead to healthy communities, which is why we are proud to join other local organizations in promoting athletics for all ages. Click here to learn more about our Partners in Fitness.

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Still not sure what it's like to swim for ABSC? Well, if a picture says a thousand words, a video says even more. Every year we document our season, and if you take a moment to watch, we think you'll get an idea of what we're all about. Click the link above to find out more.