Divisionals Recap: 3rd Time Still the Charm

17 Apr

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March 29th – 31st, Athens, Ga.

For the third time in three years, ABSC is your Northeast Divisional Champion Swim Team! You can find final team scores for women, men, and combined here! Full meet results can be found here..

Just like always, the Dawgs faced stiff competition from our competitors from the rest of Northeast Georgia. They swam hard and brought some great effort to the meet, but in the end the Dawgs still managed to pull out the victory.

Of all the teams in the meet, ABSC accomplished the highest percentage of personal best time swims, and astounding (65%)!!! We had countless finals swims, relay victories, new qualifying times and even team records.

The medal count was exciting to look at, as ABSC placed first in 50 events, second in 39, and third in 42 events, for a grand total of 131 medals! The second place team had 90.

Our relays stood out in particular, as we placed first overall in 10 out of our 22 relays!! We placed first or second in 18 out of 20, with the other two being a third place finish, and a DQ.

Here is a list of some of those accomplishments below, along with a list of our team high-point winners for each age group:

Relay Medal Finishes

1st Place:

  • Boys 8&U free relay – Shepherd Trotter, Patrick Coverdill, Jack Kirkland, Vidur Karumbiah
  • Boys 8&U medley relay – Patrick Coverdill, Vidur Karumbiah, Jack Kirkland, Shepherd Trotter
  • Girls 10&U medley relay – Vianney Balber, Riley Harding, Shirly Wang, Sophia Clifton
  • Girls 11-12 free relay – Ella Dillon, Aubree-Clare Flores, Charlotte Foggin, Ansley Nunnally
  • Girls 13-14 free relay – Lauren Massey, Jenna Champer, Ginny Thorsen, Ella Freeman
  • Girls 13-14 medley relay – Emma Champer, Lauren Massey, Jenna Champer, Ella Freeman
  • Boys 13-14 free relay – James Xiao, Ben Hiss, Simon Casey, Daniel Huang
  • Boys 13-14 medley relay – James Xiao, Ben Hiss, McKee Thorsen, Daniel Huang
  • Girls 15&O free relay – Lucy Yeomans, Macy Mullis Olivia DellaTorre, Karen Zhao
  • Girls 15&O medley relay – Macy Mullis, Olivia DellaTorre, Sarah Riley, Karen Zhao

2nd Place:

  • Girls 8&U free relay – Lizzie Dillon, Sage Dennison, Noa Brown, Kayden Hudson
  • Girls 8&U medley relay – Noa Brown, Kayden Hudson, Lizzie Dillon, Sage Dennison
  • Girls 9-10 free relay – Riley Harding, Shirly Wang, Vianney Balber, Sophia Clifton
  • Boys 9-10 free relay – Torin Trotter, Nakul Karumbaiah, Crenshaw Halbach, Justin Kurgan
  • Girls 11-12 medley relay – Ansley Nunnally, Kailey Teyner, Aubree-Clare Flores, Ella Dillon
  • Boys 11-12 free relay – Jack Yu, Ryan Xiao, Luke Phillips Parker Fagrell
  • Boys 11-12 medley relay – Parker Fagrell, Jack Yu, Luke Phillips, Ryan Xiao
  • Boys 15&O free relay – Gavin Jones, Ryan Wylie, Jackson Harvin, Philip Goeckel

3rd Place: 

  • Girls 15&O free B relay – Ava Kennedy, Emily Schulz, Brynn Halbach, Sarah Riley
  • Girls 15&O medley B relay – Brynn Halbach, Lucy Yeomans, Emily Schulz, Ava Kennedy
  • boys 15&O medley – Gavin Jones, Jackson Harvin, Philip Goeckel, Ryan Wylie

ABSC Team Records

  • Jack Yu: Boys 11-12 100 breast with a new team record of 1:09.43
  • Jack Yu: Boys 11-12 100 IM with a new team record of 1:01.21
  • James Xiao: Boys 13-14 50 free with a new team record of 22.41

ABSC Highest Point Scorers by Age (1st, 2nd, 3rd respectively, each group)

  • 8 & Under Girls: Kayden Sheridan, Lizzie Dillon, Noa Brown
  • 8 & Under Boys: Vidur Karumbaiah, Patrick Coverdill, Shepherd Trotter
  • 9-10 Girls: Shirly Wang, Riley Harding, Vianney Balber
  • 9-10 Boys: Torin Trotter, Justin Kurgan, Crenshaw Halbach
  • 11-12 Girls: Ansley Nunnaly, Ella Dillon, Aubree-Clare Flores
  • 11-12 Boys: Jack Yu, Parker Fagrell, Ryan Xiao
  • 13-14 Girls: Jenna Champer, Emma Champer, Lauren Massey
  • 13-14 Boys: James Xiao, Daniel Huang, Ben Hiss
  • 15 & Over Girls: Olivia Dellatorre, Sarah Riley, Karen Zhao
  • 15 & Over Boys: Ryan Wylie, Jackson Harvin, Gavin Jones

As you can see it was an awesome meet for ABSC, and we had a great time securing our third consecutive Divisionals Championship! Go Dawgs!



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