2017/2018 Deli Dawg Swimmers of the Month, Working List

18 Dec

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Each Month ABSC recognizes one swimmer from each practice group as our “Deli Dawg” swimmer of the month.

The Deli Dawg award goes out to a swimmer in each practice group who demonstrates leadership, teamwork, a strong work ethic, and good meet results. Swimmers who overcome some sort of adversity or achieve an excellent performance in a meet receive strong consideration.

We’ve been keeping track of the winners of the award each month, and will continue to update you as we go.

  1. Gups: Oct. Colin Boyle, Nov. Chelsea Delgado, Dec. Annie Best, Jan. Robert Chen, Feb. Angie Wang, March Oriana Nixon
  2. Pups: Oct. Camille Attaway, Nov. Kai Hernandez-Gambill, Dec. Alexandra Clifton, Jan. James Gregory, Feb. Anna Beth Camden, March Caleb Stamps
  3. Superpups: Oct. Hailey Maffett, Nov. Helene Best, Dec. William Johnson, Jan. Luke Phillips, Feb. Ansley Nunnally, March Connor Allen
  4. Dawgs: Oct. Sam Krosner, Nov. Emily Schulz, Dec. Jackson Bates, Jan. Jenna Champer, Feb. Olivia DellaTorre, March Alvaro Balber
  5. Senior II: Oct. Aisha Schulz, Nov. Kate Cabaniss, Dec. Dhruv Prakash, Jan. Jocelyn Carpenter, Feb. Hilary Adams, March Anna Wynne
  6. Senior I: Oct. Gavin Jones, Nov. Lucy Yeomans, Dec. Charlie Logan, Jan. Henry Logan, Feb. Karen Zhao, March Macy Mullis

Go Dawgs!


Wylie, Logan Lead ABSC at Senior State

12 Dec

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Dec. 8-10, Atlanta, Ga.

Snowy weather couldn’t prevent ABSC from burning up the pool at the Senior State meet in Atlanta this past weekend!

ABSC placed seventh overall out of the roughly 40 teams that appeared in the meet, and Ryan Wylie and Charlie Logan lead the way for the Dawgs. Just like the UGA football team performs well at Georgia Tech, ABSC swimmers do the same!

The Dawgs got things started on the first day of the meet with four swimmers placing in the top 25 in the 200 freestyle. Jackson Harvin placed 2nd overall in the event with a blazing 1:40.93 at finals, less than 1 second away from the Junior National time. Logan placed 3rd overall in 1:41.74, and Wylie came fourth in 1:42.25. Personal bests for all three. John Morgan McDonald also finaled in the event, coming 25th with a 1:45.50, improving upon his old lifetime best of a 1:46.

Not surprisingly, those four men combined to place 3rd overall in the 4×200 freestyle relay. McDonald improved upon his individual time by splitting a 1:44.27 on his leg of the relay.

While every ABSC swimmer in the meet performed well, Ryan Wylie and Charlie Logan each accomplished something very noteworthy to lead the team at the meet!

Wylie lit up the pool this weekend, placing 2nd overall in the meet in the 1000 yard freestyle. This is impressive for two reasons: First, he’s only 14-years-old and this is a senior level meet, meaning the vast majority of his competition was 15-18 years old. Second, his time of 9:36.10 was the fastest time in the nation this year for a 14 year-old, marking the second time he’s posted a nation-topping time this year.

Wylie’s personal best time of a 4:36.64 was the 3rd fastest 500 free in the nation this year for his age, and his 1:42.25 200 free was also the 3rd fastest nationwide.

Logan’s meet was particularly impressive as he picked up his first short course Junior National Qualifying time in the 200 backstroke, with a time of 1:50.29. Charlie had qualified this summer for the same event during the long course season. He went on post personal best times in all but one event on the weekend, and he placed 2nd place overall in scoring for the men’s High Point award at the meet!

ABSC rounded out the meet with strong showings from each of the following athletes that attended:

  1. Caedmon Churchwell: Personal best time in 5 events, including a 3.61 second drop on his 100 IM.
  2. Brynn Halbach: Personal bests in 2 out of 3 swims, with a 7 second improvement in her 1000 freestyle. (She also swam at our Classic City meet on Monday and Tuesday, and performed extremely well there.
  3. Jackson Harvin: Second place finish in the 200 free, 4th place finish in the 200 IM, and personal best times in every event he swam! He was a big contributor to scoring for ABSC on individuals and relays.
  4. Ava Kennedy: An impressive 56.30 in the 100 free and 25.29 in the 50 free.
  5. John Morgan McDonald: Personal best times in 6 events, and finishing top 25 in 5 of them.
  6. Macy Mullis: Personal best times in 3/6 events, including a 3rd place overall finish in the 100 back, and a 4.33 second improvement in the 100 IM.
  7. Karen Zhao: Personal best times in 4 events, including a 16.84 second improvement in the 1000 freestyle.

Go Dawgs!



ABSC Holiday Training Schedule 2017

30 Nov

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When the schools let out, ABSC keeps on going! The Holiday training schedule can be one of the most important and productive times in the season training cycle! As such, the Gups, Pups, Superpups, Dawgs, Senior 2, Senior 1, and masters groups will have some opportunities to train.

Please note the following

  1. Gups and Pups are off until the new term begins the first week of January.
  2. Swimmer are not billed extra for winter training – part of your Fall term fees.
  3. Locations and times are now finalized.

Without further ado, here is the schedule: ABSC Holiday Schedule 2017 Final

2016-2017 ABSC All-Stars Named!

13 Nov

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Every year, Georgia Swimming (the local governing body of ABSC) releases it’s list of All-Stars within the LSC. The list of 2016/2017 Swimmers is in, and ABSC has a great showing of athletes!

ABSC’s convenient placement in the alphabetical order of clubs has our swimmers listed at the top! To see all of ABSC’s 2016/2017 All-stars, click here: ABSC All-star Swimmers.

** NOTE ** Many UGA Swimmers and post-graduate professional swimmers are listed on our club list, as a number of them register with our club through USA Swimming once they come to college. They do this so that they can continue training in Athens year-round, or keep training in Athens once they graduate college.

An “All-Star” swimmer according to Georgia Swimming is one that accomplishes a AAA time or faster, according to the Motivational Time standards released by USA Swimming. That faster include:

  • AAAA times,
  • Top-10 national times
  • Junior and Senior National Qualifying times
  • Olympic Trial times

These motivational times are arbitrary standards, but they provide goals for swimmers to shoot for as they improve and spend longer amounts of time in the sport. To see the motivational time standards, click here: Motivational Time Standards.

Out of the big list above, the following swimmer are 18&under swimmers that currently swim for ABSC, or current college-aged swimmers that grew up swimming with our club:

  • Jackson Bates, Aidan Brook, Eileen Brook, Mary Claire Cardwell, Jenna Champer, Owen Churchwell, Matthew Colquitt, Danielle DellaTorre, Parker Fagrell, Brynn Halbach, Jackson Harvin, Ian Hentenaar, Daniel Huang, Gavin Jones, Ava Kennedy, Charlie Logan, Lauren Massey, John Morgan McDonald, Megan Measel, Payton Morrison, Macy Mullis, Madison Rogan, Skylar Rogan, Alexis Shirley, McKee Thorsen, Ryan Wylie, James Xiao, Lucy Yeomans, Karen Zhao

Congratulations to our 2016/2017 All-star Swimmers, and here’s to many more moving forward. Go Dawgs!

T-shirt Order Form

6 Nov

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It’s T-shirt Time!

The 2017 ABSC T-shirts are RED, and every ABSC swimmer will receive one. That being said, what if you want more than one red shirt? What if you want a different color, or parents/siblings/friends want a T-shirt?

You’re in luck! Make sure to download the order form here: T Shirt Order Form 2017-2018. We are also offering sweatshirts for sale this year, so make sure to check out that order form!

For the standard shirt that every swimmer receives, coaches will be collecting t-shirt sizes this week at practice. To help the coaches out, take a moment and fill out this google form: T-shirt Size Form.

Thanks, and Go Dawgs!

Thanksgiving Break 2017 Schedule

6 Nov

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Feeling Thankful???

The 2017 Thanksgiving Holiday break is upon us, so it’s time to examine what each practice group will be doing for the Holiday break.

*** NOTE *** There have been some additions and amendments since the break was first mentioned in the update email last week on Halloween.

  • Monday, Nov 20th: All groups normal practice schedule
  • Tuesday, Nov 21st: Gups + Pups at the YWCO from 4-5 PM. Supers, Dawgs, Senior 2, Senior 1, and Masters attend normal practice Schedule
  • Wednesday, Nov 22nd: Gups and Pups off. Senior 1 and Dawgs = 11AM – 1PM at Ramsey, Superpups, Senior 2 and Masters: 1PM – 2PM at Ramsey.
  • Thursday, Nov. 23rd (Thanksgiving Day) – Saturday, Nov. 25th. All groups off!
  • Sunday, Nov. 26th: Senior 1 and Masters return to practice – normal Sunday time.
  • Monday, Nov. 27th: All groups return to normal practice schedule.

Thanks everyone, and please let the coaching staff know if you have any questions or concerns. Go Dawgs!


Wylie Posts Nation's Fastest Time as ABSC Swims Away with Fall 5 Meet.

25 Oct

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Oct. 20-21st, 2017 – UGA Ramsey Center.

ABSC cruised to a solid victory in it’s inaugural “Fall Five” invitational meet, claiming first place out of the five participating teams. Despite some strong racing from the likes of Carrollton Bluefins, Lifetime Georgia Aquatics, Metro Atlanta Aquatic Club, and the Tara Tarpons, ABSC finished the meet in first place overall for the women’s, men’s, and combined team scores. Click here for full results: Fall 5 Full Results.

The Dawgs were paced by outstanding 14 year-old Ryan Wylie of the ABSC Senior 1 group. Wasting no time, Wylie started his meet off with a bang as the 14-year-old freshman from Oconee County took fourth place overall in the 13&older 200 IM, and 1st overall in the 13&older 500 freestyle.

Not only did Wylie swim the fastest time in the entire swim meet regardless of age for that 500 freestyle, his blazing fast time of 4:43.96 is the fastest time in the country so far this year for the 13-14 age group!! His time would also place him 6th overall for 15-year-old swimmers.

Ryan – also known as “Rhino” by some of his coaches and teammates – went on to win every event he swam in the 13-14 age group over the weekend, posting personal best times in 5 out of 8 events.

But “Rhino” wasn’t the only one posting fast swims for the Dawgs this weekend.

Charlie Logan of the Senior 1 group placed no lower than 3rd overall in all 8 of his events on the weekend, including 3 first place, and 4 second place finishes.

14-year-old Karen Zhao of ABSC took first place overall in 4 out of her 6 events for the weekend, and claimed first overall in the 13&over age group on Friday night in the 200 IM. Macy Mullis, also 14, took first place in 5 out of 6 13-14-year-old events, and placed second in the other. Her 100 back time of 59.86 is 45th nationally this year.

Simon Casey of the Dawgs group placed no lower than 3rd overall in each of his 12&under events, including first places finishes in the 500 free and 100 back. Eileen Brook of the Dawgs won five 11-12 year-old events on the girls side, including a very fast 1:05.76 in the 100 backstroke.

10-year-old Ansley Nunally took first place in four out of 6 10&under events on the weekend, including a blazing fast 31.84 in the 50 fly which is a top-5 time in the state this year. She placed 2nd in her other two events!

Along with the above swimmers, the following all took at least one first place finish in their age group: Jack Yu, Jake Turner, Mckee Thorsen, Ginny Thorsen, Luke Phillips, Erin Osborne, Henry Logan, Ava Kennedy, Jackson Harvin, Ella Dillon, Olivia Della Torre, Owen Churchwell, Brendan Bowman, and Jackson Bates.

It was a great weekend of swimming for the Dawgs, and here’s to more awesome swims at our next meet, the ASL Fall Invitational in Augusta!

ABSC Swim-A-Thon 2017 -- November 5th!

17 Oct

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*** UPDATED ***

The 2017 Swim-a-thon is upon us! It will be taking place on Sunday, November 5th from 4-6 PM at the Ramsey Center! But what is the Swim-a-thon? Fundraiser? Yes! Team bonding? Yes! A time for the coaches to be goofy? Absolutely! A chance for prizes? You know it!

Swim-a-thon Breakdown:

Is the Swim-a-thon mandatory?

  • Yes! The $150 per family is a mandatory fee, and if you don’t raise it, you will still owe it. Yes, the event is ALSO mandatory. If for some reason your swimmer can’t make it, they will make up their laps in practice at their group coaches discretion. Each group will pick a date to make up their swim-a-thon laps.

What is the deadline to turn in money?

  • The Deadline is Friday, Novermber 17th! $150 per family.

How can I turn in my money?

  • Option 1: Turn it in at the Swim-a-thon! We will have a booth set up for you.
  • Option 2: Turn it in to your coach at practice starting next Monday (The 6th of November).
  • Mail it to Ceci: PO Box 7595, Athens, Ga 30604

What are the prizes?

  • The basic $150 will get your ABSC t-shirt 😉
  • The next level – $250 – will get you a party at Rush Athens for all your trampolining fun! Date to come.
  • The highest level – $350 – will get you a “Night with the Champions.” That is, a chance to meet with UGA Olympians and NCAA champion swimmers. You’ll hear them speak about their experiences, ask questions, and get autographs and pictures and have the chance to meet them! Date to come.

When should I arrive and what should I bring?

  • Arrive at the Ramsey center by 3:50 PM on Sunday.
  • Bring cap, goggles, kickboard, and all your other normal swim gear


Dawgs in College, Where are these ABSC Swimmers Now?

10 Oct

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Alexis Shirley (ABSC class of ’17) Swims for the Air Force Academy.

With Aidan Brook from ABSC’s 2017 Class making it on to the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets Swim Team a few weeks ago, ABSC’s 2017 Senior Class now has 5 swimmers participating on college teams!

Did you know, over the last four years ABSC has had 20 swimmers sign with college swim teams? That’s right at 5 Seniors per year going on to swim in college after their time with ABSC. Of those 20, there are 16 that are still currently swimming on college rosters! Here they are, by their year of eligibility in college:


  1. Cedar Hawks – Berry College
  2. Patrick Humphreys – University of Georgia


  1. Eliza Petersen – Carson-Newman University
  2. Anna Rose More – Georgia Southern University


  1. Caroline Allen – Liberty University
  2. Mary Claire Cardwell – University of Georgia
  3. Fear Churchwell – Calvin College
  4. Ian Hentenaar – Davidson College
  5. Camille Porter – Auburn University
  6. Madison Rogan – University of North Carolina, Asheville.
  7. Skylar Rogan – University of North Carolina, Asheville.


  1. Aidan Brook – Georgia Tech
  2. Danielle Dellatorre – University of Georgia
  3. Berklee Hawks – Berry College
  4. Grace Mauldin – Georgia Tech
  5. Alexis Shirley – Air Force Academy

Others that swam at least one season in college but moved on to other things:

  1. Mae McWhorter – Current Senior, swam at Georgia Southern University
  2. Kara Powell – Current Junior, swam at Towson University
  3. Robert Wylie – Current Sophomore, swam at West Virginia University
  4. Annie Williamson – Current Junior, swam at University of Georgia

It’s clear to see that ABSC has a strong tradition of athletes going on to swim in college, and this doesn’t even go back further than the last four years! There are countless others that have gone on to swim at schools all over the country.

There are three former ABSC swimmers currently coaching for ABSC as well! Dylan Kalessa, Emma Lowring, and Hannah Scarbrough are all coaching for us this year. Even those that don’t swim in college often stay connected to the sport in one way or another!

It should also be noted that while not all of our graduating seniors go on to swim in college, we are at 100% college attendance right now for all of our graduating seniors. Swimmers are routinely considered some of the most academically successful athletes, and our college attendance rates show why!

Here’s to more good things to come with our program, and good luck with our current high school Seniors!

ABSC's First Deli Dawg Night is fast approaching!

10 Oct

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What is ABSC’s Deli Dawg night, and who get’s to be a Deli Dawg?

Every year ABSC’s team gathers together once monthly to have dinner together, and honor our swimmers. That tradition will continue again this year as we bring back our popular Deli Dawg Nights!

On a given Monday each month, ABSC coaches will nominate one swimmer from each group to be the “Deli Dawg Swimmer of the Month.” The Deli Dawg swimmers are selected by their coaches based on the following criteria:

  1. Being an exemplary teammate
  2. Showing strong performance in practice and meets that month
  3. Rising to challenges or overcoming adversity

The first Deli Dawg Night of our 2017/2018 season is Monday, Oct. 23rd. We weren’t able to have a Deli Dawg night in September this year due to hurricanes and other weird circumstances, but we’ll be starting up in October!

At the beginning of practice, the coaches will gather the swimmers together and explain why each swimmer is receiving the Deli Dawg award that month. The swimmer will receive a free meal pass to Jason’s Deli on the spot!

Then, the swimmers will have an abbreviated practice, and will make their way over to Jason’s Deli where we’ll all eat as a team! Logistical Details will be sent out to the team next week.

So make sure to join us for the first Deli Dawg Night of 2017/2018! Here is a list of last years’s winners:

Gups: Kate Sullivan, Bea Graff, Ella Beard, Kai Hernandez-Gambill, Alex Huang, Grayson Malutinok, Jordan Tillman

Pups: Becket Daniel, Ashlyn Lange, David Hiss, Madelyn English, Shaan Kanaan, Julianna Bluhm, Crenshaw Halbach

Superpups: Jenny Tang, Aubree-Clare Flores, Sam Krosner, Ben Hiss, Ginny Thorsen, Ansley Halbach, Anna Schmidt

Dawgs: Emma Champer, James Xiao, Felicia Pursner, Lucy Yeomans, Will Foggin, Eileen Brook, Rebecca Pursner

Senior 2: Brendan Bowman, Joshua Joransen, Matthew Colquitt, Maddy Wilson, Ava Kennedy, Wesley Cline, Kylee Novicki

Senior 1: Charlie Logan, Erin Osborne, Aidan Brook, Danielle Dellatorre, Tyler Mazurek, Jackson Harvin, Owen Churchwell

See you at the Deli!


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