ABSC's Fall Term Beginning Soon!

21 Aug

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It’s almost that time again!!! The ABSC coaching staff is ready to get the season rolling!

We’re all starting to get a little antsy about getting back to the pool! The good news is that we’ll be back soon, so I hope you’re getting ready for the smell of chlorine and the wet towels all over your house/car/self. Check out some key dates below:

  1. Tuesday, September 5th: First day back for Dawgs, Senior 2, and Senior 1 Swimmers.
    1. All three groups should plan to arrive at 5:30 PM! This includes Senior 2, who will arrive at 5:30 all week. They will then start their normal 6:30 practice time the following week and maintain that all year.
    2. All three groups should bring athletic shoes and clothes, for “dryland” practice
  2. Monday, September 11th: First day back for Gups, Pups, and Superpups swimmers.
    1. All three groups will begin practice at the Ramsey Center at 5:30 PM!. This includes the Gups, who normally practice at the YWCO at 5:00.
    2. Gups will only practice at Ramsey on Monday. They will return to the YWCO for their Wednesday practice and remain there.
  3. Monday, September 11th: New Family Orientation.
    1. Will take place at the Ramsey Center, starting at 5:15 PM.
    2. For new families of all practice groups, including the Gups, but not including the stroke clinic families.
    3. Swimmers will join their practice groups for their swim practice, while parents meet with Jonathan and Mike.
    4. Parents will have a chance to meet and greet their child’s coaches at the conclusion of their child’s practice
    5. Gups and Pups practices will last 1 hour. Superpups and Senior 2 will last an hour and a half. Dawgs and Senior 1 will last roughly 2 hours.
    6. The orientation meeting for parents should last 30 – 45 Minutes
  4. Tuesday, September 12th: First Day of the Fall Splash Session 1 Clinic.
    1. Will begin at 4:00 PM at the YWCO
    2. All swimmers will register the first day. Forms will be emailed ahead of time. Parents should bring forms pre-filled and include a check with their fee, made out to ABSC
    3. The first practice will serve as an evaluation

I hope this helps! Here are a couple of other important dates:

  1. Tuesday, August 29th: ABSC “Back to Swim” Potluck Dinner and Hangout.
    1. Starts at 5:30 PM
    2. Bring a dish of your choice – signup coming soon
    3. Games including frisbee and cornhole, and a surprise coming…
  2. Tuesday, September 5th: First team outfitting for team suits and equipment.
    1. Begins at 5:15 PM at the Ramsey Center in the stands
    2. Team suits will be on hand for try-on and purchase
    3. All necessary equipment will be available – see your swimmers practice group for details
  3. Wednesday, September 6th: Mandatory Safe Sport training.
    1. Mandatory for 9th grade and older swimmers, optional for 7th + 8th graders
    2. Led by a representative from USA Swimming’s Safe Sport Initiative
    3. Topics major topic: Social Media Safetey, but others will be discussed.
    4. More details to come!
  4. Wednesday, September 13th: Team outfitting for suits and equipment #2.
    1. Second outfitting offered to decrease lines and wait time
    2. Same details as above in terms of start time and location
  5. Friday, September 29th: ABSC Red&Black meet.
    1. First meet of the season
    2. All groups should come, every swimmer should participate if possible
    3. Warmups beginning at 4:30 PM
    4. At the Ramsey Center

Thanks everyone, and we’re looking forward to seeing all of you at the pool soon!

Go Dawgs!

– Mike



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