ABSC Red & Black Meet 2018

12 Sep

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Athens — Mid-September

Our new season is underway, and with that comes our first meet week of the season! ABSC’s annual Red & Black meet, a team favorite, is about 2 weeks away! As such, here’s some info for the meet, and how you sign up!

Meet Details: ABSC’s Red & Black Intrasquad Meet

This is a full – team meet. We expect EVERY swimmer to participate. If you’re unable to attend, please discuss with your group coach. Again, attendance is expected. We expect attendance at 3 main meets: The Red&Black, The Classic City Quad, and the Northeast Divisional Championships. Here are some more details:

  • Thursday, September 27th. Warmup at 5:00 PM, Meet begins at 5:40 PM.
  • Team will be divided in two, with a Red squad facing off against a Black squad. Coaches and swimmers will divide, and try to conquer.
  • Meet will be done around 8 PM, give or take a few minutes.

Big Dawg/ Little Dawg Pairings

Every swimmer aged 10 or younger will be paired with a 13&older swimmer who will serve as their mentor for the meet! Big Dawgs are expected to help, encourage, and support Little Dawgs during the meet. They will be instructed on how to do this!

  • Returning 11-12 year-old swimmers will be assigned to either help a Big Dawg, or to serve as a peer-support buddy of a new 11-12 year-old swimmer on the team.
  • In some instances, a Big Dawg may have two Little Dawg buddies, and vice versa

We had great success with this last fall, and will employ it for our first couple of meets again this fall.

Offered Events:

This season’s meet will be more of the sprint variety! The following events will be offered:

  • One swim of each stroke: 25s for 8&Under, 50s for every other age group
  • A 200 IM: 10&Under, 11-12, 13-14, and 15-18
  • A 4×25 (100 yard) freestyle relay for 8&under, 4×50 (200 yard) freestyle relay for all other age groups.

Team Spirit:

  • Red & Black Caps. Every participating swimmer in the meet will receive a Red or Black ABSC cap depending on their team, and they will be expected to wear it.
  • Coaches will dress up in their teams colors wearing goofy outfits. Swimmers are also expected to wear either Red or Black clothing, and spirit wear of the excessive/goofy variety is very much encouraged.

How to Sign Up:

To sign up for meets with ABSC, you simply fill out a google form when we provide it letting us know your intentions. Note*** YOU WILL NOT BE PLACED IN THE MEET UNLESS YOU SIGN UP*** Sign up here: Meet Sign-up Form.

Go Dawgs! Let’s kick off another great season!



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