2017 14&Under State Recap

7 Aug

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Georgia Tech, Atlanta — July 20 – 23rd

Much like the UGA football team is often able to do, our swim team from Athens, Ga marched into Georgia Tech and competed their tails off, bringing home a 7th place overall finish in the “Large Team Division,” and 8th place out of every team in the state!

Unfortunately, you read that correctly. The growth of our team, mixed with the largest influx of college athletes ABSC has ever registered with our team (35+), resulted in our subsequent “promotion” from the ranks of the medium teams into the territory of the Atlanta based giants.

Had ABSC remained in the medium division, we would have achieved our 6th consecutive trophy at an Age Group State meet with a 2nd place finish (only the Marietta Marlins of the medium division finished ahead of us).

Nevertheless, our swimmers competed extremely well, and below you’ll find the highlights from an incredible performance by our team:

13 -14 Girls:

13 year-old Karen Zhao led the way for her age group with a top 20 finish in every event she swam except for one! That amazing streak included eight top 10 finishes on individuals and relays, including a 6th place overall finish in the 100 meter free, finishing in 1:00.48! The 13-14 girls also set a team record in the 4×100 Free relay!

Macy Mullis: led off our 200 free relay on day 1 with a personal best 29.97 in her 50 free, and finished the meet with an almost 4-second drop in the 200 back, going 2:30.68. Brynn Halbach: incredible meet! Best times in almost everything, including a 7.02 drop in the 200 fly (2:35.86), and 4.02 drop in the 400 free (4:52.57). Ava Kennedy: 14th overall in the 50 free, and major contributor on all relays, including a personal best split in the 4×100 free relay by 3 seconds!! Emily Schulz: excellent butterfly swimmer competed in the 100 and 200 fly, including a personal best in the 100!

13 – 14 Boys:

13 year-old Gavin Jones led his age group with personal best times in every single event he swam! The distance specialist began his meet with his best race of the weekend, a 17th place finish (6th among 13-year-olds) and a time drop of 46.02 seconds in the 1500 meter free!!

Will Foggin: Also achieved all personal best times, including a 17.44 drop in his 400 IM, and a 17.19 drop in his 400 free! Julian Attaway: almost all best times. 6.96 drop in his 200 fly, and 9.50 improvement in the 400 free. Crow Thorsen: huge improvements on distance races, including a 34.52 second drop in his 1500 free, and 4.58 on his 400 IM! Henry Logan: Lightening fast 200 backstroke, coming in at 2:26.96 for a huge time drop. Jackson Bates: First ever long course meet (he had short course conversion times) and had some huge swims! He went 1:16.85 in the 100 breast for 32nd, and 2:49.39 in the 200 breast for 27th! Payton Morrison: The unfortunate right-before-state birthday, but still swam a strong 100 breast, then went to GRPA state the next day and won the 50 breast!

11-12 Girls:

Eileen Brook starred for the 11-12 girls, seeing personal best times in all but her last event, and placing top 10 in all but 1 individual event! She even achieved 3rd overall in the 200 back with a time of 2:42.04. What an incredible meet!

Jenna Champer: An 11 second drop and 7th overall finish in the 800 free @ 10:19.15, and a 9th overall finish in the 400 free with an 8.79 second drop (5:03.23). Ansley Halbach: personal best times in every event, including a time drop of 6.86 in the 200 back, and 11.15 seconds in the 200 fly! Emma Champer: time drops in almost every event, including a huge 36.79 second drop in the 400 free (5:13.47). She was top 20 in all but 2 events. Hannah Torres: Swam 6 events in her first ever state meet, and finished the weekend with an 8.35 second drop in the 200 fly! Rebecca Pursner: personal best on the 4×50 medley relay breastroke split, and dropped a whopping 13.84 seconds in her 200 fly! Ginny Thosen: time drops in almost every event, top 20 in all but 2 events, and a 4th place overall finish in the 200 fly (3:04.96) with a 6.54 second time drop! She also finished 6th in the 100 fly with a 4.25 second time drop!

11-12 Boys:

McKee Thorsen took charge for our 11-12 boys group, going personal best times in all but 1 event! He finished top 20 in every event, and top 10 in 10 events. He finished 5th overall in the 200 fly (2:42.24), and 7th in the 400 IM with a drop of 3.15 seconds. The 11-12 boys relays were our strongest at the meet, finishing 4th, 5th, 5th, and 3rd in the four relay events! McKee was on all 4.

Daniel Huang: meet of his life! Personal bests on all but 2 events, including top 10 finishes in 11 events! He finished 7th in the 200 free with a 2.4 second time drop, and 8th in the 400 free with a 12.04 second drop. Simon Casey: finished 11th in the 50 and 12th in the 200 butterfly events. Dropped 36.46 on his 1500 free, and 6.99 on his 400 free. Garrett Kennedy: Huge drop in the 400 IM (11.88 seconds) for 20th overall. 5.84 second drop in the 200 fly, and a member on all 4 top-5 relays. Eli Bates: Top 20 in all 3 breaststroke events, including 8th overall in the 200 breast (3:24.17). James Xiao: Top 20 finishes in all but 1 event, top 10 in 8 events. 4th overall in the 200 fly (2:39.46), 5th in the 1500 free (19:20.88), and a 4.86 second drop in the 400 IM for 9th!

10&Under Girls:

Ella Dillon stormed through the state meet for the 10&under girls, achieving personal best times in all but 1 event! She finished top 20 in 5 events, placing as high as 14th in the 50 fly (38.76). Her most impressive swim was a 14.14 second time drop in the 200 IM for a time of (3:17.89).

Aubree-Clare Flores: competed in her first ever long course meet, and was incredible! She placed 25th overall in the 50 back at 41.15, and swam an impressive 1:21.24 in the 100 free. Charlotte Foggin: swam her first ever state meet! Competed in the 200 free, 200 IM and a relay, swimming a particularly strong 3:06.03 in the 200 free.

10&Under Boys:

Parker Fagrell swam an incredible meet, scoring 60 points and putting himself in the running for the high point award! He finished top 10 in all but one event, including a 2nd place finish in the 50 back (36.26), 3rd place in the 50 free (32.14), and 3rd in the 100 free (1:10.33). Those are insanely fast times for a 10 year-old! He achieved a personal best time in every single event.

Ryan Xiao: Finished top 20 in all but 20 events, and top 10 in 6 of them! Ryan placed 5th in the 100 breast (1:36.60), 6th in the 50 breast (44.48), and dropped 4.39 to move up to 6th in the 200 free at 2:40.01. Jack Yu: top 10 finishes in 5 events, and personal bests in almost all of them, including 1.33 second drop to come 9th in the 50 breast at 45.10.

Special Thanks:

To all of the swimmers that traveled to Atlanta just to help us field more relays! Anna Claire Adolphson, Kyle Bates, Crenshaw Halbach, Shaan Kanaan, and Luke Phillips. Every single one of these swimmers that came either swam a personal best time on their relay splits, or competed in their first ever long course meet. Congrats!

It was a fantastic meet, and I know we’ve got more amazing swims to come for all of these kids in the future!




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