Hosted Meets

2017 Long Course Season

2017 Mothers’ day Invite (May 12th – 13th)

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    • Notes:
      • Deck access:  Parents and other spectators will not be allowed on the pool deck.  Swimmers are asked to keep their belongings in the stands during the meet.
      • Parking: Participants are asked to use the East Campus Deck  on weekdays.  Deck parking on Friday will be $5.00. Parking on Saturday and Sunday is free.  Please do not use the Visitors Center lots.
      • Results:  Results will be available on Meet Mobile during competition.  Complete results will be posted on the ABSC website after each session.

2016/2017 Short Course Season

2017 Northeast Divisional Championships (March 24th -26th)

ABSC Classic City Quad (December 9th – 11th)

2015/2016 Short Course Season

ABSC Senior Circuit Meet (January 8th – 10th)

ABSC Classic City Tri Meet (December 11th – 13th)

2015 Long Course Season

Georgia Long Course Senior State (July 24th – 26th)

Speedo Long Course Sectionals (July 9th – 12th)

Bulldog Spring Special (May 15th-16th)

2014/15 Short Course Season

Northeast Divisional Championships (March 27th-29th)

2015 Senior Circuit Meet (January 2nd-4th)

2014 Classic City Quad (December 11th-13th)

2014 Long Course Season

2014 Georgia Long Course Senior State (July25th-27th)

2014 Bulldog Grand Slam (July10th-13th)

2014 Bulldog Spring Special (May 16th-17th)

2013/2014 Short Course Season

2014 Northeast Divisional Championships (March 28th-30th)

ABSC Senior Circuit Meet (January 3rd – 5th)

ABSC Classic City Quad (December 6th – 8th)

ABSC vs Tidal Wave (November 17th, 9:00 am)

ABSC vs Gwinnett Aquatics (October 20th, 9:00 am)

ABSC vs Dekalb Aquatics (October 6th, 9:00 am)

ABSC Red & Black (September 20th, 5:30 pm)


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