Explanation of Fees

Fee Summary

Despite the fact that ABSC swims in one of the top facilities in the country, we do everything we can to keep our fees down.  Prompt payment helps in this regard, as does an understanding of what each of the fees is for.  Below, you’ll find a breakdown of each billing item.  Any questions about billing or fees should be directed to our Team Treasurer, Ceci Churchwell.

Term Group Fees – Once per term per swimmer

ABSC billing is based on three 14 to 16 week terms. Senior 1, Senior 2, Dawgs, and Superpups swim full Fall, Winter, and Spring/Summer terms. Pups and Gups swim full terms in the Fall and Winter, but have a short 6 week Spring Term. Superpups and Senior 2 have the option to swim a 6 week Spring Term rather than the whole summer. The billing for this term is adjusted accordingly. These fees, paid to the treasurer at the beginning of each term, are used to pay for pool rental, coaches’ salaries, travel reimbursements, and general operation.

USA Swimming Registration – Once annually per swimmer

These fees must be paid before a child can practice with the team and will enable your child to become a member of United States Swimming (USS). This membership will allow swimmers to compete in USS sanctioned meets as well as providing insurance coverage at all practices, meets, and transportation thereto. This is a yearly fee which must be paid upon the swimmer’s registration with ABSC.

Booster Dues – Once annually per family

These dues go into an account to pay for all bookkeeping, mailing, postage, and copying costs for the team. They also cover the team awards for the annual spring banquet. This is a yearly fee which must also be paid upon registration.

Escrow – minimum balance maintained for meet entry fees

Escrow covers the entry fees necessary for your child to participate in USS meets. It costs approximately $40.00 per child to enter these meets, but actual cost is based upon the number of events entered. We pay for meets with the escrow funds, and debit a family’s individual account after meets. A minimum balance of $100/$150/$200 (depending on the group) will be maintained for each term. Unused Escrow fees can be refunded upon request if a swimmer does not enter meets, or only swims sparingly.


Each fall our team sponsors a Swim-a-thon as a fundraising activity. Each swimmer in Gups, Pups, Dawgs and Seniors is encouraged to particiapte and raise at least $150. Swimmers in these groups may choose not to participate, but will be assessed a fee, not to exceed $150 per family. Please note that the Swim-a-thon is a major fundraiser for our team, and we need 100% participation in order to keep fees and dues from being increased.


For families with multiple swimmers there is a 10% discount in quarterly group fees for the second swimmer, and a 20% discount for the third. The fourth swimmer on the team is free. Please note this discount includes adults who swim Masters.


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