Back to Back! ABSC is Victorious in Second Straight Northeast Divisionals.

27 Mar

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— March 23rd-25th, 2018. Athens GA

Team records. State Champions. Top-10 national swims. College commitments. It’s been a truly remarkable season for ABSC.

This weekend at the 2018 Northeast Divisional Championships, the Dawgs capped off the season in the most fitting way possible: by achieving one of it’s best meet performances in history!

Due to the wonderful performance ABSC athletes, ABSC is the back-to-back champions of the Divisionals meet! (Final Team Scores). ABSC walked away victorious for the first time after an 8-year drought, last season. But if 2017 was an impressive feat, 2018 would prove even more immaculate. This meet will go down in the record books as one of the best performances all-time by an ABSC team! See some of the stats below for reference:

  • 66% best times – literally 2/3 of all swims were personal bests
  • 4 New Divisionals Meet records: (see below)
  • 3 new team records (see below)
  • Won by more than 2300 points – last year won by a little over 900
  • All together including individual and relay, male and female, and all 5 age groups (8&u, 9-10, 11-12, 13-14, 15&O), there were 138 events swum over three days. Of those events, an ABSC swimmer or relay finished first in 58 of those events, or 42%.
  • Of the 20 relay events offered, ABSC finished 1st in 12 of them, or 60%.
  • Of the 8 relays we didn’t win, ABSC placed 2nd in all but 2 – a 3rd place finish and a DQ’d relay (that would have placed 2nd).

It was a team performance for the ages, and to go along with all of the staggering stats above, ABSC had countless swimmers achieve all, or nearly all personal best times over the course of the weekend. There were also several first-time finals qualifiers in the 11&over sessions, and some breakout performances by the likes Robert Chen, Sofia Clifton, Elin Turner, TJ Lu, Anna Wynne, Helene Best, Anna Ash, and countless more that achieved surprising move-ups from the original rankings to the final placements.

But most importantly, parents are the ones who made it all possible. As the host team, ABSC parents had to pull some serious weight in terms of volunteering. Our parents officiated, timed, announced, provided food in the hospitality room, sold heat sheets, sorted awards, and much more. On top of all that, they were responsible for getting their athletes to the pool in a positive state of mind, full of team spirit and ready to race their hearts out. Thank you ABSC parents for making all this possible!

Our team spirit was on another level this weekend, and the white-out/red-out/black-out theme was a lot of fun. The coaches also enjoyed jumping off the high dive on Sunday night to celebrate the win: ABSC Coaches Jump for Joy.

Check out a few more stats and individual accolades below-

New Divisional Meet Records:

  • Macy Mullis, Girls 15&O 100 back: 55.28
  • Ansley Nunnally, Girls 9-10 100 fly: 1:06.79
  • Ansley Nunnally, Girls 9-10  50 fly: 30.18
  • Karen Zhao, Girls 13-15 100 free: 52.03

New Team Records:

  • Eileen Brook: 11-12 girls 100 back, 1:00.95. Old record by Caroline Allen from 2011 (1:01.90).
  • Karen Zhao: 13-14 girls 100 free, 52.03. Old record by Danielle DellaTorre from 2014, 52.06.
  • Karen Zhao: 13-14 girls 200 free, 1:52.29. Old record by Tara Pierce from 1991, 1:53.35.

High Point Scorers for ABSC by Age Group (Names listed girl then boy): 8&U: Sophia Clifton (151 points) and Vidur Karumbaiah (94.5 points). 9-10: Ansley Nunnally (197 points) and Luke Phillips (127.50 points), 11-12: Eileen Brook (148 points) and Simon Casey (121 points). 13-14: Karen Zhao (147 points) and Gavin Jones (148 points), 15&O: Brynn Halbach (91 points) and Charlie Logan (120 points).

Click here to see ABSC’s top 20 point-scorers from the meet.

Thanks again ABSC families, and I hope you enjoyed a great weekend of swimming. While this is good, the best is still yet to come for our club, and I hope you’ll be with us as we continue to rise.


Summer Swim Options for YOU: Long Course and Summer League.

19 Mar

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Trying to figure out Summer swim plans? Deciding whether to do long course, summer league, both, or take a break altogether? Consider this your one stop shop!

NOTE** Long Course happens when the pool is switched to the longer 50-meter format, i.e. the Olympic format. All USA Swimming Club teams like ABSC swim “long course” in the summers.

As you know Divisionals is our final short course meet of the 2017/2018 season! With that in mind, it’s not too early to start setting our sights toward summer! Here are some quick facts about the seasons starting and ending, and then a breakdown on some choices for you!

When exactly does the swim season start and stop?

The swim season runs from Mid-September – July. August and the first part of September of are the “off-season” where no practices are held for any group. The season is broken up into three terms: Fall, Winter, and Spring/Summer.

  • Fall Term: Mid-September – Winter break in December. Roughly 15 weeks.
  • Winter Term: Early January – Early April (April 6th this year). Roughly 15 weeks.
  • Spring/Summer Term: Early April – End of July. Roughly 16 weeks. You can also elect to swim the “Spring” portion of the Spring/Summer term only. The 6-week Spring term will go from April 9th – May 18th this year.

Spring/Summer 2018 Key Dates:

  • March 23rd-25th: Divisionals, last short course meet:
  • April 6th: Winter Term Ends (2 weeks after Divisionals)
  • April 9th: Spring/Summer Term Begins. (See explanation below).
  • April 28th-29th: First long course meet (All groups allowed to attend). See long course meet schedule here, and scroll down past the short course season.
  • May 18th: 6-week “Spring” Portion of Spring/Summer Term ends
  • May 21st: “Summer” portion of Spring/Summer Term Begins
  • July 26th: Final Long Course Practice – Month and a half off of swimming.
  • Mid-September 2018: ’18/’19 short course season begins!

With the above dates in mind, here are some options:

1. Swim Long Course with ABSC:

  • As usual, the Senior 1, Dawgs, and Superpups groups will continue to practice through the summer, for the full Spring/Summer term. Superpups can elect to swim the 6-week Spring term only, if they’d like.
  • We are also working to potentially offer Senior 2 and Pups this summer! We likely will not know for sure until after Divisionals. At the very least, Pups and Senior 2 can participate in the “Spring” portion of the Spring/Summer Term. Pricing for the 6-weeks is available online, and if we can offer the full summer, then pricing will be the same as the Winter and Fall terms.
  • Gups can swim the 6-week Spring portion of the Spring/Summer term, but cannot swim during the summer term. They are encouraged to swim summer league!

2. Swim for your summer league team:

  • From Commerce to Jefferson to the Oconee teams to the Clarke County teams, ABSC has friends just about everywhere! If you want more info on a club, let us know where you live and we’ll help you get all plugged in! Most summer league teams swim from Mid-late May through Mid-July, but the Oconee teams stop at the end of June (unless you swim for the all-star team).

3. Swim long course AND for your summer league team:

  • Most summer league programs start practice in Mid-late May, so it IS possible to swim the 6-week Spring term, and then start with your swimmer league team.
  • If you choose to swim the full Summer with ABSC and still want to do summer league, most summer league teams are flexible with attendance, and will work out arrangements where ABSC swimmers come to as little as 1 practice per week, and swim meets with them, and practice the rest of the week with ABSC. Many of our swimmers do this, and it’s a great option to stay loyal to your summer team, and also train hard all summer with us! This is common not just in our area, but around the state and around the country!

4. Take a break altogether:

  • This is also not a bad option, as playing other sports or taking time to rest, go to camps, or travel, can all be good things for our swimmers! Just make sure you join back with us in the fall if this is what you choose to do! 🙂

Thanks and hope this is helpful! A definitive schedule for long course is on the way!

Goooo Dawgs!

ABSC Boasts Strong Showing in a Polar Bear Plunge in Gainesville

4 Mar

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Gainesville, Ga – March 3rd, 2017.

You never know what adversity you might face at a swim meet! For the small band of ABSC swimmers that made the trip up to Gainesville this past Saturday, a room without heat would be the challenge of the day!

Despite the broken heating system in the pool area, the Dawgs fought through the cold to put together some excitingly strong swims, through the shivers and all!

It was Connor Allen (13) of the Superpups who would bring the heat for ABSC, putting on a red-hot performance by claiming first place overall in both the 50 breast and and 200 back for the 13-14 age group and dropping a grand total of over 43 seconds on the day in his 5 events. That included a 10.83 second drop in his 200 backstroke, and an 11.97 second improvement in his 200 IM.

Several other ABSC swimmers also had big days, and below you can read about a couple swimmers from each group that put on a show:

Senior 2 Group:

  1. Anna Wynne (14) headlined the performance by Senior 2 with a big day, improving her 200 breast by 5.74 seconds to start and finishing 2nd. She finished 3rd in the 100 free, dropping 2.41, and 2nd in the 200 IM with a 7.88 drop.
  2. Macie Patridge (14) put her sprint skills on display, claiming 2nd in all three of her events, all 50s!. Her 50 breast was a best time by nearly 2 seconds, and 50 freestyle was a .51 second improvement, a large amount for a 50 free!

Dawgs Group:

  1. Ava Kennedy (15) claimed two first place finishes in the 100 back and 100 breast, and second place in both the 50 free and 100 IM. Her 100 IM included a 3.11 second personal best time.
  2. Gretchen Hinger, (14) took first place in the 100 butterfly for the 13-14 age group, improving her personal best by more than 2.5 seconds. She would also claim 3rd in the 100 back and 100 IM, and would finish no lower than 5th on the day.

Superpups Group:

  1. TJ Lu (12) was unstoppable on the day, claiming 1st place for 11-12 boys in the 100 IM with an almost 3-second best time, and 2nd in both the 50 free and 100 breast. He dropped more than 2 seconds on the 50 free (!!) and got under the 30 second barrier for the first time, going from a 31.25 seed time to a 29.20 finish.
  2. Eli Allen (12), unrelated to Connor Allen above) had a huge day himself, going all personal best times and finishing 2nd place in both the 100 fly and 50 back. He dropped more than 3 seconds in the 50 back, and took off more than 4.5 in the 100 IM!

Pups Group:

  1. Caleb Stamps (9) swam like a man on fire for the Pups group, winning the 50 fly out of heat 1, and going 3 personal best times and swimming 2 events for the first time. He dropped more than 5 seconds on his 100 IM, and took of 4.47 on his 100 free to go along with a 3.14 second drop on the 50 back.
  2. Adah Hamman (10) put together her best meet of the season, winning her heat 3 out of 4 times, and finishing second in her heat the other time! She swam 3 events for the first time as well, and took off almost 2 seconds on her 50 free.

Gups Group:

  1. Ethan Anderson (10) put together a huge day for the Gups, swimming his strongest meet of the season. Ethan dropped time in every event he swam, including an 8.67 second drop in the 50 freestyle (woah!) He also dropped 3.01 in the 50 breast, and swam the 100 IM for the first time.
  2. Michael Li (7) swam in 3 10&under events, but claimed first place in both of his 8&under events, including first in the 25 free with a 1.13 second drop and first in the 100 IM!
  3. I also couldn’t leave out Zoey Zellner (8) who, claimed first in the 25 fly with a nearly 2-second drop, and 2nd in the 25 back and 25 breast.

There were awesome swims all around by the Dawgs, and now we’re on to the final meet of the season, the Northeast Divisional Championships! Go Dawgs!

Northeast Divisionals Preview

26 Feb

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The best is yet to come!

It’s true, lots of great things are happening around ABSC. From all the awesome Deli Dawg swimmers, to the state champions and swimmers qualifying for big meets like “Junior Nationals”, to new practice groups thriving, to all the countless swimmers who have consistently worked hard all season, going best times and improving steadily. It’s clear to see the Dawgs are on a roll!

But despite an already amazing year, the fun is just now beginning! The best really is yet to come when you consider that most coaches and swimmers alike consider the Northeast Divisional Championship, our final meet of the ’17/’18 short course season, to be their favorite meet of the year!

We’re excited to host the meet once again at the Ramsey Center on the weekend of March 23rd-25th! Furthermore, for the first time in a long time we’re entering the meet as defending champs! 2017’s victory for ABSC was the first championship in 8 years, much to the delight of our team. Now, here are a couple of things to know heading into the meet.

1. Our poster-making tradition will continue! We’ll once again group up as a team over the course of two nights and make motivational posters going into our big meet! Gups, Pups, and Senior 1 will make posters on Wednesday night, March 21st. Superpups, Dawgs, and Senior 2 will make them on Thursday, March 22nd. Going along with that is point 2…

2. Going for the Spirit Award! While we’ll do our best to win the meet, we’re also going to go all out for the team spirit award! The theme is “All out Dawg!” We’ll put on our Red, Black, and White and represent ABSC as best we can! Think Red&Black meet from the fall, but the whole team together. We started the season with ABSC spirit, and we’ll end it that way. More details to come!!!

3. Every swimmer on the team should plan on swimming! This is not a qualification meet – every athlete can/should participate. It’s the last meet of the year, and it’s a team battle, so we need all hands on deck. Even if your swimmer can’t do all three days, they should at least do one or two days! Every. Swimmer.!!

4. This meet is all about competing as TEAM, and having FUN! Swimmers compete their best when they’re motivated by teamwork and enjoying themselves, and that’s our number one goal! Sure, winning is nice, but we care much more about teamwork and fun. Parents – help us make that the goal!

Thanks everyone, and we’ll have plenty more details as we get closer to the meet.






Nunnally, Bates Lead ABSC to Highest State Finish Ever!

21 Feb

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Georgia Tech – Feb. 16-18, 2018.

ABSC Swam to a 5th place overall finish at 14&under State this weekend, behind two state championships from Jackson Bates (13-14 age group), and three more titles from Ansley Nunnally (9-10 age group). Age Group State Team Scores.

Because ABSC broke the 200-swimmer mark on our rosters this year, we could No longer compete for a top-3 finish in the Medium Division. ABSC had to take on the big programs like Dynamo and Swim Atlanta in the Large Division! Despite that change, ABSC’s 1,363 points were good for 5th in the Large Team Division, and 5th overall as we finished ahead of all the teams in the other two. divisions. That’s fifth place among the 33 teams present at the meet, and the 71 registered Georgia Swimming LSC clubs for the 2017/2018 season.

Jackson Bates, 14, took the first championship of the weekend for ABSC with a surprise win in the 100 breaststroke Friday evening. Jackson was the 3rd seed entering the meet with a seed time of 1:02.53. The top seed swimmer, from Dynamo Swim Club, entered the meet with a seed time of 58.46. Jackson would drop over 2 seconds in prelims to place second going into finals with a time of 1:00.18.

Then at finals, he pullout off the upset. Dropping nearly another second from prelims, Bates pulled away with a strong pullout off the last wall, holding off his competitor and touching the wall in a blazing fast 59.19, his first Senior Sectional qualifying time!

Bates returned to action Saturday night, and once again he wowed the audience with a spectacular performance in the 200 breaststroke. After trailing at the halfway point, Jackson followed coach Jonathan’s instructions to make his move on the 3rd 50, pulling to a slight lead going into the final 50. It was there that Bates left the field in the dust, touching first in a stunning 2:08.38, more than 5 seconds faster than his time from prelims and almost 8 seconds faster than his 2:16.08 seed time coming into the meet! Bates picked up his 2nd Sectional qualifying time, and also his first Future’s qualifying time. It is also the 15th fastest time in the nation this year for a 14-year-old.

Along with Jackson Bates, 10-year-old Ansley Nunnally of the Superpups had the meet of her young life, scoring OVER 200 points all by herself in what may be the highest-scoring individual performance at an ABSC state meet in over 30 years! Nunnally’s 237 points outscored 22 of the 33 TEAMS at the meet BY HERSELF! She never placed lower than 4th in 11 individual events (10&under swimmers could swim 11 different individual events over the weekend, where as 11&older could swim a maximum of 9 due to having to swim prelims and finals).

The story of the weekend for Nunnally included an all out battle with a swimmer from the HLHK Seals Swim Club out of Atlanta, as the 2 traded first and second place finishes most of the weekend. Her first victory came on Saturday in her final individual event of the day, the 100 butterfly, where she improved her time by almost 3 seconds to a blazing fast 1:06.71, a AAAA time and the 21st fastest time in the country this year for 9-10 year-olds.

On Sunday Ansley renewed her battle against the HLHK swimmer. After finishing second to that swimmer in both the 100 and 500 freestyle, Ansley pulled off the upset with a surprisingly fast time of 27.20 in the 50 free for her second championship of the weekend. Two events later, Ansley as back at it with the 200 freestyle, again racing the same swimmer. After easing through the first 50, she began to build her pace on the second and took off on the 3rd! She built a lead on the 3rd 50 that would prove insurmountable, and claimed her 3rd championship of the weekend in a time of 2:11.89 – the 25th fastest time in the country this year!

All in all she claimed 3 state titles, 6 second-place finishes, 1 3rd, and 1 4th. She achieved a personal best time in all 11 events, and her 100 fly, 100 free, and 200 free were all top-30 times in the nation this year.

Along with Jackson and Ansley, ABSC also featured 3 other podium finishers, and multiple other finalists and point-scorers (swimmers placing in the top 20).

  • Simon Casey claimed his podium appearance on the first day of the meet, claiming second place overall in the 11-2 1000 freestyle. Simon’s time of 11:03.06 was a 49.42 second improvement, a AAA time, and the 74th fastest time in the nation this year. Casey swam all personal best times, and had
  • Karen Zhao took 3rd place in the 200 freestyle, going a personal best 1:53.33, a AAAA time and the 90th fastest time in the country this year. She placed top 10 in all but 3 events and top 20 in all but 2 events to go along with that!
  • Eileen Brook claimed 3rd in the 11-12 200 backstroke, improving her best time by more than 6 seconds and moving up from the 5th seed going into the meet. That time was AAA qualifying time for Eileen. She was also 4th in the 100 back and 5th in the 50 back, and went almost all personal best times.

Other key swims and notes from the meet:

  • Julian Attaway swam personal bests in all but one event, and was 20th in the 200 fly, dropping over 3 and a half seconds.
  • Eli Bates was a member of 2 top 10 relays, and swam a personal best in the 200 breaststroke by almost exactly 7 seconds with a time of 2:46.78.
  • Emma Champer featured on the A 13-14 medley relay that placed 12th overall, and swam a strong 1000 free in time of 11:29.13.
  • Jenna Champer achieved personal best times in every event she swam, including a 21 second improvement in her 1000 and an 8.13 second drop in the 500 for a time of 5:27.04
  • Alexandra Clifton swam the freestyle leg of the girls 10&under 8th place 200 medley relay, scoring 30 points for the team in that race!
  • Olivia DellaTorre had one of the strongest meets by an ABSC swimmer, achieving all personal best times and qualifying in the A final on several events! She dropped 7.6!!! seconds on her 100 breast, and almost 10 on her 200 breast, achieving a Senior Sectional time and her first Future’s cut with a time of 2:22.66.
  • Ella Dillon placed in the top 20 in every single one of her events, scoring points in every event. She improved her 500 free by 26.01 seconds, and placed 10th in the 50 breast with a time of 40.42. She achieved personal bests in all but 2 events.
  • Parker Fagrell achieved personal best times in all but 1 event, and placed 17th overall in the 200 backstroke with a 6.28 second drop for a time of 2:27.14
  • Aubree-Clare Flores had an impressive showing in her 200 backstroke, achieving a personal best time of almost 2 seconds after dropping several seconds in the event only weeks earlier.
  • Will Foggin achieved personal best times in all but 2 events, including dropping almost 3 seconds in both his 200 fly and 200 IM. He achieved top 20 finishes in both the 500 free, and the 400 IM with a time of 4:29.02, an almost 3.5 second personal best.
  • Ella Freeman achieved personal best times in every single event, including finaling in the 200 breast and improving her best time by more than 8.6 seconds, down to a 2:32.40. She also took off 5.40 in her 1000 free.
  • Ansley Halbach was perfect on the best time list as well, including huge time drops of 32.61 in the 1000, 8.55 in the 200 back, and 8.77 in the 400 IM.
  • David Hiss went 2-2 on personal bests, winning his heat in the 50 breast and anchoring our 200 freestyle relay that finished 11th overall
  • Daniel Huang swam several best times and improved his freestyle swims a lot, dropping his 100 by 1.16 seconds, his 1000 by 6.34, and getting under 2 minutes in his 200 free.
  • Gavin Jones went personal best times in most events, placed top 15 in both the 1000 and 500 free, and took off an astounding 30.33 seconds on his 1000, for a new personal best of 10:12.30, achieving a AAA time in the event.
  • Shaan Kanaa split a personal best on his relay for the 10&under boys, and helped them to an 11th place finish, scoring 22 points in that one swim.
  • Henry Logan placed top 20 in all but 2 events, placing 4th in the 200 back with a time of 1:57.94 and achieving a AAA time.
  • Payton Morrison posted a new personal best time in his 100 breaststroke with a super fast 1:09.47, a personal best by more than 3 seconds!
  • Luke Phillips achieved a personal best on all 5 of his individual events, winning his heat 3 out of 5 times and over 2 seconds on his 50 and 100 backstroke
  • Rebecca Pursner was a strong member on all 4 relays for ABSC as they placed top 10 in 3 out of four, and she dropped an impressive 24.65 seconds on her 200 fly for a final time of 2:39.91.
  • Emily Schulz made finals in her 100 butterfly with a personal best time of 1:00.56, dropping nearly 2 seconds, and was a member of 2 top-10 relays.
  • Kailey Teyner dropped 3 seconds on her 100 breaststroke on Sunday, coming out of nowhere for the 10th place overall finish in the meet with a time of 1:28.53! She also swam on the 10&under relay that placed 8th.
  • Ginny Thorsen swam a blazing fast 1000 yard freestyle in 11:59.19, breaking the 12 minute barrier despite swimming it for the first time short course! She was also a big contributor on relays, anchoring all 4 for the 11-12 girls!
  • Mckee Thorsen achieved personal bests in all but 1 event, dropping more than 3 seconds on his 200 fly for a fast time of 2:18.76, and contributing on four different relay over the weekend.
  • Torin Trotter achieved a personal best time on his 100 freestyle, dropping nearly a second despite dropping several seconds to achieve the time 2 weeks ago. He also swam a personal best on his relay leadoff, achieving a new 50 free state time in the process!
  • James Xiao achieved several best times for ABSC, including a 4.12 second drop for a 2:11.49 in his 200 back! He was also a major relay contributor.
  • Ryan Xiao found personal bests in most of his events, including a nearly 10 second drop in his 1000 free, and almost 8 more seconds in his 200 breast!
  • Jack Yu accomplished personal bests on all but 1 swim, including a huge 11.77 second drop on his 200 breast and a 4.01 second improvement on his 100 breast!

It was an amazing meet by all participants, and now we set our sights on the ultimate team battle, the Northeast Divisional Championships!!!

GO Dawgs!


14&Under State Preview for ABSC

12 Feb

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February 12th, 2018.

Here comes ABSC! Starting this weekend, ABSC’s 14&under swimmers will journey down to Georgia Tech and race the fastest competition from around the state of Georgia! But this year, they’ll face a brand new challenge.

ABSC has enjoyed massive success at the 14&under state meet over the last few years, both in short course and long course! Over the last 4 years, ABSC hadn’t placed lower than 3rd in the medium-sized team division… that is until last summer!

At the long course meet last summer, ABSC moved for the first time into the “Large Team” division at the state meet. By surpassing the 200 swimmer mark, ABSC was reorganized up a level, and had to compete against the largest teams in the state! Despite the new challenge, ABSC still placed 6th in the new division last summer! Now, ABSC swimmers will go at it with the large teams for the first time in Short Course!

Over the Course of the weekend, ABSC will have some key swims to keep an eye on (NOTE** All following data comes from a preliminary psych sheet. A new one with updated times will be posted on Tuesday, so some of this information may change). Below is a list of all swimmers seeded in a scoring position at the meet as of the first round of entries. The top 10 score for 10&under, 11, and 12 year-olds. 13-14 are combined, and top 20 score.

  • Jackson Bates is seeded 3rd in both the 100 and 200 breast.
  • Eileen Brook is a 5 seed right now in the 50, 100, and 200 backstroke, 9th in the 200 and 400 IM, and 10th in the 500 free.
  • Simon Casey is 5th seed for the 1000 free, 7th in the 100 and 200 fly, an 8 seed for the 50 fly, and the 9th seed for the 200 back,
  • Olivia Dellatorre is 18th seed in the 200 breast.
  • Ella Dillon is seeded 7th in the 50 back and 8th in the 50 breast.
  • Parker Fagrell is #2 seed in the 1000 free, the 7th seed in the 50 back and 200 back, and the 200 free, and the 8 seed in the 50 and 100 free.
  • Will Foggin is 19th in the 400 IM, and he will be seeded top 10 in the 500 with an updated time from high school state.
  • Gavin Jones is 11th in the 500 free, 15th in the 1000 free, 16th in the 400 IM, 20th in the 200 fly and 200 IM.
  • Henry Logan is a 9 seed for the 1000 free, 12th in the 200 back, 17th in the 200 free, and 19th in the 100 free.
  • Ansley Nunnally is seeded 1st overall in the 50 and 100 fly, and the 200 free, is a 2-seed in the 50, 100, and 500 free, 3rd in the 200 IM, 4th in the 100 IM, 5th in the 50 breast, 50 back and 100 back,
  • Ryan Xiao is the #4 seed in the 1000 free, and 9th seed in the 500 free.
  • Jack Yu is 7th in the 50 breast and 10th in the 200 fly.
  • Karen Zhao comes in at a 6-seed in the 100 free, 9th in the 200 free, 11th in the 200 IM, 12th in the 50 free, 14th in the 500 free, 19th in the 200 breast
  • 400 free relays: 13-14 boys seeded 6th, 11-12 girls seeded 7th, 11-12 boys seeded 9th
  • 200 free relays: 11-12 girls seeded 7th, 10&under boys seeded 6th.
  • 400 Medley Relays: 13-14 Boys seeded 6th, 12&under boys seeded 8th
  • 200 Medley Relays: 13-14 boys seeded 8th, 11-12 boys seeded 8th, 10&under girls seeded 7th

Below is a list of all the swimmers competing in individual events for the meet.

  • 13-14 Girls: Emma Champer, Jenna Champer, Olivia DellaTorre, Ella Freeman, Emily Schulz, Karen Zhoa
  • 13-14 Boys: Julian Attaway, Jackson Bates, Will Foggin, Gavin Jones, Henry Logan, Payton Morrision, McKee Thorsen, James Xiao
  • 11-12 Girls: Eileen Broo, Aubree-Clare Flores, Ansley Halbach, Rebecca Pursner, Ginny Thorsen
  • 11-12 Boys: Eli Bates, Simon Casey, Parker Fagrell, Ryan Xiao, Jack Yu
  • 10&Under Girls and Boys: Ella Dillon, Ansley Nunnally, Kailey Teyner, David Hiss, Luke Phillips, Torin Trotter

Good luck to all of our ABSC swimmers! GO DAWGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Practice Schedule Feb. 12-16 All Groups

10 Feb

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Once again, the Ramsey Center will be the hosting facility for the CCSA collegiate swimming conference championships. You can read more about the combo-conference that rents the pool every year here:

As such, ABSC will need to rearrange our practice schedule this week as we do most years! Here is a group by/group breakdown of how we’ll practice February 12th – 16th! (NOTE — THIS SCHEDULE IS SUBJECT TO CHANGE. WE WILL NOTIFY ASAP):

  • Gups: Unaffected
  • Pups: Normal practice Monday. Tuesday and Thursday, 4-5 PM at the YWCO. No practice Friday.
  • Superpups: Normal practice Monday and Tuesday. Wednesday, 5:30-7 AM at Ramsey, state qualifiers only. Thursday, 5:30-7 AM at Ramsey, whole group. Friday, 5:30-7@ Ramsey, non-state qualifiers only.
  • Dawgs: Normal practice Monday and Tuesday, Wednesday – Friday 5:30-7 AM at Ramsey.
  • Senior 2: Monday and Tuesday normal Schedule, Wednesday TBD, Thursday 5:30-7:00 AM at Ramsey.
  • Senior 1: Monday and Tuesday normal schedule, Wednesday – Friday 5:15-7:00 AM at Ramsey.
  • Masters: Monday – Wednesday, normal schedule. Thursday, 5:30-7:00 AM at Ramsey.

ALSO NOTE*** Our February Deli Dawg night has been pushed back 1 week! It is no longer next Monday, February 12th. It will now be Monday, February 19th due to the wacky schedule next week.

As Easy as 'ABSC' - Dawgs Put on a Show at High School State Meets

5 Feb

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Cherokee Aquatic Center, Jan 27th and Georgia Tech, Feb. 2&3.

For the 2nd consecutive weekend, ABSC has swimmers have put on a show down at a high school state championship meet, effectively putting the whole state on notice!

GHSA State Championships:

ABSC swimmers were all over the place down at Georgia Tech the GHSA State Championship meet, and

The GHSA meet was headlined by state championships from John Morgan McDonald  (Sr. – Prince Ave. Christian), Charlie Logan (Jr. – North Oconee), and Karen Zhao (Fr. – North Oconee) of ABSC’s Senior 1 group!

In fact, the format of the meet actually featured Logan and McDonald racing one another in the same heat of finals of the 500 freestyle. McDonald represents Prince Avenue Christian which is in the “1A – 3A” division, while Logan represents North Oconee which competed in the “4A-5A” division.

Logan took first place overall in the event and in his division, with a blazing fast time of 4:35.21. He also finished 2nd overall in the 200 free with a time of 1:40.41, second in the 200 freestyle relay, and 6th overall in the 400 freestyle relay.

McDonald finished first overall in his division for the 500 free with a time of 4:42.72. That swim for McDonald was also the first state championship in the history of the school! It was also another team record for the senior, who already has the majority of Prince Avenue’s records. He also finished 8th overall in the 100 butterfly. He plans to announce his college choice soon.

Only a freshman, Karen Zhao won the 4A – 5A division in the 200 freestyle, finishing in a time of 1:54.69. She also finished 2nd in her division in the 100 free (52.54). Winner her division in the 200 freestyle as a freshman is quite the accomplishment!

Other ABSC finalists in the GHSA meet include:

  • Brendan Bowman (Clarke Central): 10th overall 50 free, 15th 100 free.
  • Caedmon Churchwell (Clarke Central): 7th overall 200 IM, 9th place 100 back.
  • Gunnar Churchwell (Clarke Central): finaled in both relays
  • Owen Churchwell (Clarke Central): 2nd Place over all 100 free, 2nd place 100 breast.
  • Will Foggin (Clarke Central): 8th overall 500 freestyle
  • Grace Lang (Clarke Central): finaled in both relays
  • Lucy Yeomans (Clarke Cenral): 10th place overall 100 free, 14th place 100 back.
  • Kate Massey (Commerce): 6th overall 200 IM, 5th overall 100 fly.
  • Jackson Harvin (Jefferson): 3rd place overall 200 free, 13th overall 200 IM.
  • Macy Mullis (Madison County): 3rd place overall 50 free, 2nd place 100 back.
  • Lily Courchaine (Morgan County): finaled in both relays
  • Samuel Ash (North Oconee): finaled in both relays
  • Brynn Halbach (North Oconee): 10th overall 500 free, 12th overall 200 IM
  • Siya Kanaan (North Oconee): finaled in 400 free relay
  • Henry Logan (North Oconee): 6th overall 500 free
  • Dhruv Prakash (North Oconee): 12th overall 100 back
  • Felicia Pursner (North Oconee): 14th overall 100 fly, 16th 200 IM
  • Erin Osborne (Oconee County): 7th overall 500 free, 6th overall 200 free.
  • Lauren Szymanski (Oconee County): finaled in both relays
  • Matthew Colquitt (Prince Ave. Christian): 14th place 50 free, 11th place 100 free.

GICAA State Championships:

While most of our swimmers competed in the GHSA championships this past weekend, 2 weekends ago ABSC swimmers from Westminster Christian Academy (Watkinsville) lit up the GICAA high school lower division champs up in Canton at the Cherokee Aquatic Center.

The GICAA division of high school athletics is devised of private christian schools schools statewide. While smaller than GHSA, it still boasts some strong athletes, and it saw ABSC swimmers featuring strongly in it’s championships as well.

Anna Ash headlined the meet for ABSC swimmers, claiming first place overall in the 200 (1:57.27) free and the 100 back (1:00.60). Jackson Bates won a stamp championship of his own in the 100 breaststroke (1:04.91), and took second overall in the 200 IM. Ash is a senior for ABSC, and has been one of the fastest swimmers in the region for a while. Bates, while only a freshman, is an up-and-coming star in the breaststroke events, and has a bright future ahead.

All in all the state championships at all levels proved very kind for ABSC, and once again, our swimmers made their presence felt all over the state!

The next state championship on the horizon is of the USA Swimming variety – the Georgia 14&under state championships! More to come soon!




ABSC Swimmers Shine at High School Area Meet -- Wins Across the Board!

28 Jan

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Friday, January 26th. Athens, Ga — Gabrielsen Natatorium

Teammates on the club team, rivals at the high school meets. That sentence perfectly encapsulates what it’s like being a high school-aged swimmer in the Athens/Oconee area!

It also explains why the Athens/Oconee area high school Championship Swim Meet is such an exciting battle every year! Featuring a number of dominating performances by ABSC swimmers like Karen Zhao, Brynn Halbach and Charlie Logan, it was North Oconee High School who walked away victorious in the 2018 rendition of the festivities.

But while North took the victory, ABSC swimmers from every participating school performed well at the meet. In fact, there was at least one first place finish by an ABSC swimmer on 5 out of the 6 participating schools!! The are listed below: 

  • Athens Academy: Ava Kennedy – 50 Freestyle (25.59)
  • Clarke Central: Caedmon Churchwell – 100 Breaststroke (1:06.01)
  • North Oconee: Brynn Halbach – 200 and 400 freestyle relays, Siya Kanaan – 100 fly (1:04.06) and 400 freestyle relay, Charlie Logan – 200 free (1:46.24), 100 fly (54.54), 200 free relay and 400 free relay, Henry Logan – 400 free relay, Dhruv Prakash – 100 back (57.37), Felicia Pursner – 200 medley relay and 400 free relay, Karen Zhao – 200 medley relay, 200 freestyle (1:59.20), 100 freestyle (55.09), 400 freestyle relay
  • Oconee: Erin Osborne – 200 IM (2:18.54) and 500 free (5:30.08),
  • Prince Avenue: John Morgan McDonald – 200 IM 2:02.19 and 500 free (4:47.10).


In fact, an ABSC swimmers claimed first place in all but 4 individual events, first or second in all but 1, and top 3 in every single event. Many events like the boys and girls 200 frees and 200 IMs featured ABSC swimmers finishing first and second, or first, second and third in the event!

ABSC Swimmers from all the area schools finished all over the top 10 in various events! Here’s a school by school breakdown of all the swims by ABSC swimmers in the meet, by school. (Note – this list does not include middle school swimmers).

Athens Academy – ABSC Swimmers:

  • Ava Kennedy: 1st in the 50 free, 3rd place overall finish in the 100 backstroke, finishing in a time of 1:08.91.
  • Colton Kennedy: 7th overall in both his 100 breaststroke and his 50 freestyle (25.50).

Cedar Shoals – ABSC Swimmers:

  • Hilary Adams: 7th place finish in the 200 freestyle (2:28.62).
  • Colin Frick: 10th place in both the 200 and 100 freestyle races, 8th place with both Cedar Shoals relays.

Clarke Central – ABSC Swimmers:

  • Brendan Bowman: 3rd place 100 freestyle (51.3). 3rd place in both relays.
  • Caedmon Churchwell: 1st place 100 breast, 2nd place finish in the 200 IM (2:07.65). 3rd place in both relays.
  • Gunnar Chuchwell: 7th place 100 free (56.06). 3rd place in both relays.
  • Mohammed Conaway: 2.07 second-improvement in his 100 breast for a 9th place finish (1:18.48). 5th place 400 free relay.
  • Maya Cornish: Dropped 4.26 seconds in her 200 free (2:49.86), and finished 6th overall in the 400 freestyle relay.
  • Eliot Daniel: 7th place finish 200 free relay and a 9th in the 100 breast (1:41.21).
  • Ana Demarco:  Personal best in the 200 free (2:58.4), 8th in the 200 free relay.
  • Isabella Demarco: 8th in the 500 free (7:23.09), and 6th in her 400 free relay.
  • Jenna Dodson: 6th on the same relay with Bella, and swam a personal best 100 back (1:33.77).
  • Coles Ehlers: 9th in the 200 free relay, and 5th in the 400 free relay.
  • Will Foggin: 3rd place 200 free (2:00.30), and dropped 2.42 seconds in his 100 back (1:02.70) to finish 4th.
  • Grace Lang: 2nd place 100 free (59.12), 4th in the 200 IM (2:29.46). 3rd in the 200 medley relay.
  • Lucy Yeomans: 2nd place 200 free (2:03.41), 3rd place 50 free (26.67). 3rd place 200 medley relay.

North Oconee – ABSC Swimmers:

  • Samuel Ash: 2nd place 200 medley relay, 3rd place 100 breaststroke (1:06.90).
  • Nick Green: 4th place 400 free relay, 9th place 100 back (1:09.45).
  • Brynn Halbach: 1st place both relays, 2nd place 200 IM (2:20.20) and 500 free (5:33.39)
  • John Hovell: 2nd place 400 free relay, 5th place 200 free (2:09.97).
  • Siya Kanaan: 1st place 100 fly, 1st place 400 free relay, 2nd place 200 free relay.
  • Charlie Logan: 1st place all 4 events, both relays and individuals.
  • Henry Logan: 2nd place 500 free (5:00.75), 2nd place 100 back (59.45).
  • Dhruv Prakash: 2nd place 400 free relay, first place 100 back.
  • Felicia Pursner: 1st place both relays, 2nd place 100 back (1:06.46).
  • Karen Zhao: 1st place all 4 events, both relays and individuals.

Oconee – ABSC Swimmers:

  • Angela Li: 7th place 200 IM (2:54.63), 2nd place 100 breast (1:23.35).
  • Erin Osborne: First place 200 IM and 500 free, 3rd place 200 medley relay.
  • Lauren Szymanski: 3rd place 400 freestyle relay, 5th place 100 butterfly (1:14.39).

Prince Avenue Christian – ABSC Swimmers:

  • Matthew Colquitt: 2nd place 200 free (1:52.35), 2nd place 50 free (22.29).
  • John Morgan McDonald: 1st place 200 IM, first place 500 free.
  • Maddy Wilson: 10th place 100 free (1:09.17), 5th place 100 breast (1:26.65).

Casey Swims the Fastest "Mile" in Georgia this year.

22 Jan

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Clemson, SC.

Over the weekend of January 12th – 14th, Simon Casey of ABSC traveled to Clemson, S.C. to participate in the “Tiger Invitational” meet. He did so to swim in one of his best events, the 1650.

The trip was worth his while, as Casey – posting a blazing fast time of 18:58.24 – improved his personal best time by 1 minute and 20.09 seconds! Not only that, he posted the fastest time by a 12-year-old from the state of Georgia this year!!

Casey also placed first overall in the event that evening.

The 1650-yard freestyle, affectionately known as the mile as it equates to roughly a mile in distance, is one of the most grueling races in our sport. Casey however, is no stranger to long distance racing. He and teammates Emma and Jenna Champer participated on the Georgia Open Water Zone Team last summer! 

This marks the second time this season that an ABSC swimmer has posted one of the top times nationally, and the fastest time in the state this year. Ryan Wylie of ABSC has done so on 2 different occasions this year, most recently posting the fastest 14-year-old 1000 yard freestyle in the country back in December.

Let’s keep up the great racing, Dawgs! Hard work allows us to accomplish our goals, and ABSC is on the right track.



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